AaBKC Social: Pernille Kofoed

29 Mar 2022
Sound Art Lab Pernille Kofoed
LYTTEAFTEN #3 x AaBKC Social – Pernille Kofoed
Tuesday 29th of March at 7 PM, we are hosting Lytteaften #3 with Pernille Kofoed in collaboration with Aarhus Center for Visual Arts. Pernille Kofoed is an interdisciplinary artist who uses technology as a tool to create interactive works that deal with the environment, society and the public.
At Lytteaften #3, we get an insight into her previous works and processes from idea to finished piece. Amongst other things she will talk about the hydrophone recordings and experiments she made during her residency at Sound Art Lab in January. These experiments will be used in her piece ‘They Are Communicating – Listening Post # 1’ which can be experienced at the port of Aarhus later this year.
Right now, Kofoed is in the initial phase of the work ‘Choir of Emotions’ where she uses sound to describe a wide range of emotions, from the gloomy to the brighter sides of the human mind.
Sound’s ability to provoke emotions and moods will be a focus point this evening as we dive deeper into this topic in collaboration with Lotte Mose, social pedagogical supervisor at department of Disability, Social and Psychiatry in Struer municipality. Lotte Mose works with a focus on finding new, effective strategies to support the citizen to a better life via cognitive and metacognitive models and develops individual and group courses for citizens with mental vulnerability, often with sounds as a tool to strengthen the coping ability of the individual.
Join us on Tuesday 29 April at 19-21. Admission is free and everyone is welcome!
To know more about Pernille Kofoed’s work visit: https://pernillekofoed.dk/
NOTE: This event takes place in Danish.
Are you curious about sound art and artistic processes?
Lytteaftener is a series of events in Sound Art Lab, where everyone curious about sound art is invited into the artistic laboratory to learn about the artistic process.
We present an exciting artist, who shows his or her work and tells about the considerations involved in developing it. In collaboration with the artists we have chosen a theme and a dialogue partner, who will help open up the conversation from the specific artwork to more general matters of concern.

Lytteaftener takes place the last Tuesday of every month from 7-9 PM. Entrance is free.