instrument inventors initiative

9 Jul 2022
Sound Art Lab instrument inventors initiative

Come and join us for a day in the company of Instrument Inventors Initiative (iii) from the Netherlands.

Artist talk by Matteo Marangoni from iii at 10 AM at Sound Art Lab
Performance at 2 PM at Regelbau 411
Listen in when Matteo Marangoni tells about the instrument inventors initiative (iii), their work, what drives the initiative and their visions for the future. The artist talk takes place at Sound Art Lab on Saturday at 10 AM.
The day continues in the art centre Regelbau 411 by the Oddesund Bridge at 2 PM, where you can experience performances by members of iii on their self-developed instruments.
Wind Instrument
Marije Baalman presents her Wind Instrument, a kite transformed into a musical instrument via pressure and motion sensors that sonifies details in motion and variations in different heights and changes over time. Here you get a chance to listen to the continuous dialogue between the wind, the fabric and the subtle movements of the hands working to keep the kite suspended in the air.
Dieter Vandoren and Matteo Marangoni present their joint project Komorebi, a swarm of artificial creatures that make music in response to the sun, the clouds and the shadows moving in the wind.Komorebi is a Japanese word meaning “sunlight shining through trees”. We are invited to experience the shadow play produced by the tree canopy on the forest floor as music. The work suggests that “life” is not an exceptional property of organic life forms, but also a property of complex systems reaching beyond biological life as we understand it.
Tape Piece
Maya Verlaak and Lars Kynde perform the work Tape Piece(2012), for 2 performers and a selection of tape. Each performer takes a roll of tape and at the same time quickly wraps it around both of their bodies before pausing to breathe and then trying to free themselves from the tape. The piece was developed by Maya Verlaak and Andy Ingamells during a drawing course in Scheveningen in the Netherlands where boredom of the drawing led the artists wanting to make a performative response to the human forms on display.
About iii
iii is an artist run, community platform supporting new interdisciplinary practices linking performance, technology and the human senses. Arising from the ArtScience tradition of The Hague, iii strives to balance technological innovation, theoretical reflection and human experience. iii contributes to international developments in the field of Art, Science & Technology, functioning both as a cultural incubator supporting research and creation, and as an agency connecting creators to a broad audience via a wide (inter)national partner network.
It is free to join and everyone is welcome.
Note: The event will take place in English.
This event is made in collaboration between Sound Art Lab, Regelbau 411 and SPOR festival, and is part of the initiative The Future of Sound Art in the Central Jutland Region supported by the Central Jutland Region’s Cultural Development fund.

Artist talk – Sound Art Lab, Peter Bangs Vej 17b, 7600, at 10.00
Performance – Regelbau 411, Hovedvejen 1, 7790 Thyholm, at 14.00