Louise Foo

20 Oct 2022
Sound Art Lab Louise Foo
As part of the “Future Sounds Residency”, Louise Foo has been visiting Struer and the Sound Art Lab to continue her explorations with sonification in order to connect to our planet and its context. Through her work she has facilitated listening portals to geological movements of the Inland Ice as well as audio-visual experiences with other planets and the sun. While in Struer, she has been working on an algorithmic spatial composition using recordings of ice and water. In the context of a world in crisis, Louise Foo sets out to acquire new knowledge, considerations and perspectives in giving Earth a say and people possibilities to listen. During this artist talk, she will dive into past and current work as well as present process and contextual research, some of it in a 11.1 speaker system.
Danish-born artist Louise Foo has been studying digital media at Funen Art Academy, while playing electronic music on the side. During her master studies at New York University, she began to study sound more in depth and for the past ten years she has been working in and around sound as material for interactive experiences, utilizing new technologies to enhance affectively engaging sonic qualities. Her most recent work counts multi-channel near real-time data-sonification to document the melt of the Inland Ice for the New Icefjord Centre in Ilulissat, interplanetary musical explorations through installations of sounding objects in ceramics and glass at Nikolaj Kunsthal, Tycho Brahe Planetarium and Trapholt Museum with FOO/SKOU and immersive music composition and artistic research with the band SØSTR as as part of a position at RMC.
Photo credit: Rita Christina Biza
Sounds of the Future Residency is made in collaboration between Sound Art Lab, SPOR Festival, Struer Tracks and Dansk Komponistforening. The residency programme is supported by KODA and is offered as part of the project ‘The future of sound art in the central region of Jutland, Denmark’ supported by Region Midtjyllands Kulturpulje.
It’s free to join and everyone is welcome!