Katrine Amsler

10 Jan 2023
Sound Art Lab Katrine Amsler

Come and join our next LYTTEAFTEN, when sound artist Kathrine Amsler presents her work and shares her experience of being an artist in residence at Sound Art Lab. During her residency, she explored and experimented with sounds from various metallic objects, from which she created a sound library that links to Struer and the town’s history.
Katrine Amsler is a Danish composer, audio designer, producer and sound tool builder based in Copenhagen. Amsler has a master in improvisation and composition from the Music Academy in Malmö Sweden. As a composer and sound artist she contributes to different types of audio-visual projects.
“When I have the opportunity to zoom in and work with ‘physical sound’ it gives me a calm and a focus that I can’t achieve with anything else. It is also a focus, that I feel is in short supply today.

’Ineffective’ studies (for various reasons) are not really allowed to take up any time nowadays. I actually like to work towards a deadline but I also find that we live in a world that is incredibly fixed on results. 

During 3 weeks this autumn I have been given the opportunity to practice making ‘inefficient things, that take time’ again and already during my first week in Struer I have revisited eye-openers and enthusiasm that I only remember from my childhood.”

Place: Peter Bangsvej 17B, 7600 Struer
Time: Tuesday January 10th at 5pm – 6:30 pm.
The event is free and everyone is welcome!