Robert Curgenven

25 Nov 2022
Sound Art Lab Robert Curgenven

The presentation covers the importance of context in sound, especially with regards to location and duration, plus how these aspects bear out intention in the making of an audio work, including: how this context and our bodies’ fundamental relation to air and physical relation to sound delineates ontological concerns (our mode of being in the world); meteorological qualities of air and their relation to sound; the relation between volumes of air and architectural space with its role in sculpting air and sound via nodes and modes; the relation to audio production & how equipment and process colour sound.
Examples include recent work with pipe organ (SIRENE, Bronze Lands, Beyond Enclosures) and work using a specific set of contemporary visual artworks as sound installations (James Turrell’s Skyspaces for Climata).
The presentation will be in English. It is free to participate and everyone is welcome.