Thomas Cortes & Alvilda Striims ‘Gravdigt’

15 Apr 2023

Come to an open work display of a melancholic poem in sound, body and object. In a cross-aesthetic study of composition and movement, the relationship between and to objects is explored.

The project engaged a sonorous and somatic understanding of the cyclical experienced as an episode of time and organization of space.

In GRAVDIGT, an imagined office environment evolves in which acousmatic sounds, floating objects and repetitive movement patterns arise and meet the invisible.

Sound artist and composer Thomas Cortes and dancer and choreographer Alvilda Striim met during the Enhanced Practice program at the Center for Artistic Knowledge and Development.

GRAVDIGT is the first research project for an upcoming installation sound and movement work.

Time: Saturday April 15 at 20:00

Location: Sound Art Lab, Peter Bangs Vej 17B, 7600 Struer, 2nd floor

The event is free and everyone is welcome!