Marie-Louise Andersson

30 Nov 2021
Sound Art Lab Marie Louise Andersson
LYTTEAFTEN #2 – Marie-Louise Andersson
On the 30th of November we are hosting the second Lytteaften with Marie-Louise Andersson as the evenings guest artist, as she is in Sound Art Lab at the time to develop a new art work.
For Lytteaften #2 she will present her latest work, CELE cu (2020), in which she has woven a textile of cobber threads, that generates sound and functions as an instrument. In this work she compiles the mating behavior with the electromagnetic field – the body’s electric charge.
In her art Marie-Louise Andersson works with both sound, sculpture, performance and installation. She explores how materials such as clay, metal and textile can emit sound in different ways. Through her work she seeks to create sound that feels like touch and at the same time happens through physical contact.
This evening, we will dive into the technical aspects of Marie-Louise’s work in collaboration with Jakob Dyreby, acoustic engineer at B&O and Jens Schönemann-Paul, acoustic consultant and owner of Schacoustics.
Read more about Marie-Louise’s work:
The event is in Danish.
Are you curious about sound art and artistic processes?
Lytteaftener is a series of events in Sound Art Lab, where everyone curious about sound art is invited into the artistic laboratory to learn about the artistic process.
Each month we present an exciting artist, who show his or her work and open up for the considerations involved in developing it. In collaboration with the artists we have chosen a theme and a dialogue partner, who will help opening up the conversation from the concrete work to more general matters of concern.
Lytteaftener takes place the last Tuesday of every month from 7-9 PM.
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