Rebekka Bohse Meyer + Soup Kitchen + Kaj Duncan David

24 Apr 2024
Sound Art Lab Rebekka Bohse Meyer

As part of the nationwide event Forskningen Døgn, we present an evening in dedicated to the voice.

Artist Talk: Rebekka Bohse Meyer, Mortalities – Virtual Reality Opera
The Virtual Reality opera Mortalities is a new opera format that provides an experience that is both physical and virtual. The concept was created and initiated by artistic director Rebekka Bohse Meyer, who with Mortalities examines virtual reality’s potential for opera in Denmark’s first VR opera.
Based on her research at the University of Leeds, where she examines the interface between physical and digital spaces in performing arts and performance, Rebekka Bohse Meyer explores and unfolds these perspectives in her ongoing projects, which combine opera with VR.

Vegetarian folk kitchen
Join us for communal dining between activities. Sound Art Lab determines the menu. 45 kr per person.

Concert: Kaj Duncan David
Kaj Duncan David Sound Art Lab Kaj Duncan David conjures up an imaginary AI baby that expresses its admiration for the world through synthetic song on the border between gibberish and meaning.
Through his artistic practice, Kaj Duncan David explores the potential of various machines beyond their intended functions. Currently, his focus is on synthetic voices and artificial intelligence and how they can be unfolded in a sound artistic performance context.

Place: Sound Art Lab, Peter Bangs Vej 17B, 7600 Struer

Time: 17:00-21:30

17:00 Rebekka Bohse Meyer

18:00 Soup Kitchen

19:30 Kaj Duncan David