Yan Cheng & Laure Boer

26 Oct 2021
Are you curious about sound art and artistic processes?
Lytteaftener is a series of events in Sound Art Lab, where everyone curious about sound art is invited into the artistic laboratory to learn about the artistic process.
Each month we present an exciting artist, who show his or her work and open up for the considerations involved in developing it. In collaboration with the artists we have chosen a theme and a dialogue partner, who will help opening up the conversation from the concrete work to more general matters of concern.
Lytteaftener takes place the last Tuesday of every month from 7-9 PM.
Entrance is free.
The theme of the very first listening evening is the rhythms of nature.
The artist duo Yan Cheng (London) and Laure Boer (Berlin) has explored the nature around Struer and investigates how beetles and mussel shells can coexist with microphones, mixers and DIY instruments.
In their partially improvised performance they explore the relationship between the artificial and nature and shed light on the problems that occurs when humans interferes with the rhythms of nature.
Yan and Laure are selected among many applicants to our open call for artist in residency in Sound Art Lab. During their three months residency in Struer they work on a new art project and on this evening we get a unique insight into the world of technology and nature that is unfolding in their studio.
After their presentation Laure and Yan will take part in a conversation with a nature expert and all the guests.
This event is in English.