Struer has a very special composition of highly developed expertises in sound technology, auditory culture and heritage research, and sound art experimentation all situated in a small but vibrant community in the coastal environment of Limfjorden. We believe in that sound and listening are profound factors in our contemporaneity – both as phenomena and as for mediating ways of knowing the worlds we live in. All these factors shape a breading ground for our educational initiatives and activities, which are always anchored in and around sound and listening and often with cross-disciplinary elements and through collaborations with our partner organisations.

We are active in many parts of the educational supply chain:

  • With Lydlaboratoriet we develop ways of learning through sound and listening for the local children up to the age of 15 and qualify their teachers to implement these sonic learning methods in their already existing classes.
  • In collaboration with Dansk Talentakademi we make artist lead courses and workshop in sound art for the age group of 16 to 25.
  • We host the annual BA-level Sounding City Summer School together with Aarhus University, which attracts students from allover the world. The summer school has a transdisciplinary approach to sound studies and aims at transforming academic theories into creative and artistic outputs.
  • We furthermore organise project courses of varying lengths, intensities and contents in collaboration with institutions of higher education (BA and MA) such as respectively Audio Design at Aarhus University, Media Arts Cultures at Aalborg University, Sound Studies and Sonic Arts at Berlin university of the Arts, The Jutland Art Academy, the Royal Academy of Music Aarhus, Aalborg and Holstebro.
  • For PhD and post-doc level we have founded ‘Danish Knowledge Center for Sound and Listening Cultures’ in collaboration with Struer Museum, Center for Sound Studies at Aarhus University, and the National Museum of Denmark.
  • We are partners in Nordic Podcast Academy, a series of courses focusing on storytelling and sound design for the podcast format.

For information about our open workshops and courses keep an eye on our journal and our social media.